Monday, October 19, 2009

Another pair of socks

I just finished these socks today. Since I have tried several times to make these socks, and they were a big pain in the butt. I have decided to show everyone the fruits of my frustration. I spent a good chunk of my crafting life as a cross stitcher, and the book I bought by Cookie A. is full of charts that are totally and completely backwards. Instead of reading top to bottom and left to right you read these charts right to left and bottom to top. These socks took around 3 months to finish, and I honestly think that I am going to have to get rid of the book. I know that there are a lot of people out there who absolutely love the book and the patterns, I like some better than others, but I don't feel that this book is even the begining of user friendly. That's my opinion feel free to take a look and form your own. Just don't make the mistake that I did, when I brought the book to the counter at my yarn store I was told "Oh I love that book, it's so wonderful." I mentioned that (at that point) I had not ever made socks before, it didn't seem to change her recommendation. So let me tell you this is not a begining sock book! If you are looking for a begining sock book that is very user friendly I recommend Knit Socks! by Betsy Lee McCarthy. It is sock shaped and so very helpful, I would never have completed a single sock without this book. Have a great day!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Okay so it's not Flagstaff...

...But it's pretty close. I know I promised to find pictures of Flagstaff, but these pictures appeared in my in-box hours after being taken today. This is Mingus Mountain in Prescott, Arizona. My true hometown. I just had to share with you. Hopefully this will help Nicole understand why I am happy to be moving. Enjoy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Snow it's a four letter word.

Snow, usually I enjoy the first snowfall, but this year, I don't want to see it. In the last week it's snowed at least three times. It's only the first week of October. Unfortunately as I have pointed out to several customers the snow isn't early, its actually late. Usually the first snowfall happens in September. I guess it still did I beleive it snowed on the 28th. Anyway it is what it is, and I can't stop it, so I guess I will just have to deal with it. Here are a couple of pictures of the snow I woke up to today.

Have great snow free day! (Hopefully!)