Saturday, October 25, 2008

I wasn't tagged but I wanted to play too...

What is your husbands name? Zorran Kolic (Known to most as Zorro)

How long have you been married? 7 years

How long did you date? About 4 months

How old is he? 38

Who eats more sweets? Zorran, I buy the most sweets but he is the one who eats most of them.

Who said I love you first? Honestly I don't remember.

Who is taller? He is all day every day

Who can sing the best? Me, I love to sing, and get compliments often.

Who is smarter? Now why would you want to start that fight? He often thinks he is but I would say that we are pretty evenly matched.

Who does the laundry? Actually we do our own, if one of us needs something done we'll ask the other but usually we do our own.

Who pays the bills? He does.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do

Who mows the lawn? Neither of us, we're not allowed, we both have back problems. The neighbor boys 2 doors down do.

Who cooks dinner? I do, but our schedules conflict quite a lot so it's very rare that we are both home at the same time for dinner.

Who drives? It just depends on whose car we're taking, and how tired we are, if we are taking his car always him, and only him, but if we take mine, we'll trade off.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? I do, but for the most part we just get over it, and move on.

Who kissed who first? Umm, I know that either of us kissed first, because we were talking about it, so I would say it was a mutual decision.

Who asked who out first? He asked me

Who wears the pants? Umm, we were both in the Army so we both wear the pants.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My fish, and Louie one of my spoiled kitties

I live with my husband and mom, so I guess our pets aren't just mine, but I just have to share becuase I have to say that I enjoy how people react the first time they see our fish. Callie, is short for calico I think you can see which one she is, the other is Mister Phischer. The funny thing is that Mom bought these two about 4 years ago the were $3 specials from Wal-Mart. Hee hee hee, are you shocked yet? I live in Wyoming and a lot of people's first response to talk about "pan-fryers." Ha ha. Callie is bigger than our biggest frying pan. She's between 18 and 20 inches I think.

Louie is our big black cat, or as Zorro likes to call him our "Puma." Louie, who's full name is Louis Du Pont Du Lac, (my brother named him) is named for a character in a book. What book? Interview with a Vampire. Actually both of our cats are named after fictional book characters, Minnie, is truely Professor Minerva McGonagal. Tee hee hee, do you know what book that's from? Ahh come you can guess. I don't have any pictures today of Miss Minevere as mom likes to call her lately, she's a little shy. I will post a picture or two of her soon. Today Louie was on my lap acting like the little ham that he is, I swear sometimes I think he thinks he's a dog the way he lays!

More swap cards and 2 afghans.

I have been working on one afghan for over a year now. It was commissioned by one of my coworkers who has been very paitent with me, but I was intimidated by how big she wanted it. Queen sized, I hae only ever done throw and baby blankies before so I guess you could say I allowed myself to be overwhelmed. I have since made a large blankie that is on my own bed still not queen sized but in the end neither is Sheila's. It's just short of 5 feet, I know this because I am 5 feet 2 inches and it comes to right about my nose from the floor. She is going to visit an aunt that she hasn't seen in several years and since her aunt paid for the plane ticket she asked me to finish the afghan where it was and then use any extra yarn to make a throw for her. That I was able to do so here it is finshed, washed and tied with ribbon. Sheila's is the blue and chocolate colored afghan. The other one I started for my cousin Lenny, (I posted the afghan that he's getting earlier) but as my Mom pointed out, my Aunt and Uncle commissioned it, and my Uncle Reed absolutely abhors yellow, it wasn't a good choice. I started it with those colors in an attempt to avoid ordering yarn from Joann's which takes a ridiculous amount of time for delivery, in fact my yarn spent 5 days in a city that's less than 90 miles from here, but that's a story for another day.

These cards I completed about a week ago and promised to share them with you. I am not completely happy with the Aspen one, but those corduroy brads are very big (and expensive) so I can't really replace them and I don't really want to buy another set of them. I really like the giftcard card I got the idea from Nona but adapted it so as not to use so much paper.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

PSA #1 and 2

So I have to do my part. Hee Hee Hee. Did you appreciate your Boss today? I did, but by the time I got there to give Sandra her gift she had already done the payroll and left for a 2 week vacation. So I guess she'll get it when she gets back. Alright that's number 1.

On to PSA number 2. For all you lovely ladies out there have you checked your bra size latey. 80% of us are wearing the wrong sized bra. I have heard the statistics before, but really thought I was wearing the right bra. Lately however I realized that there was an excess of material at the top of my bra cups. Today while Zorran and I were out I decided to get sized imagine my suprise that I was wearing a cup size too big, AND a width size too big. Apparently not only is it Breast Cancer Awareness month it's also (unofficially) check your bra size as well. I saw several advertisements for free sizing. Lane Bryant is offering free sizing specifically this weekend, but they do it all the time as far as I can tell. So I guess while I am doing my bit. Don't forget your self breast exams ladies!

Okay on to some fun stuff. I finally downloaded the pictures of the baby afghan that I made for my cousin Lenny. Also is a picture of the gift and card for my boss.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yay! More accomplished.

Yay! I managed to get another 2 swap card sets done tonight. I haven't had a chance to take pictures of them yet as I am still at work but I will get them up soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Somethings I have been working on.

I have crazily signed up for 5 or 6 swap spots on the Close To My Heart bullentin boards, here are a couple of the cards I have finished. I also finished the baby blanket for my cousin Lenny's new son. I will post of picture of that soon.