Friday, October 24, 2008

More swap cards and 2 afghans.

I have been working on one afghan for over a year now. It was commissioned by one of my coworkers who has been very paitent with me, but I was intimidated by how big she wanted it. Queen sized, I hae only ever done throw and baby blankies before so I guess you could say I allowed myself to be overwhelmed. I have since made a large blankie that is on my own bed still not queen sized but in the end neither is Sheila's. It's just short of 5 feet, I know this because I am 5 feet 2 inches and it comes to right about my nose from the floor. She is going to visit an aunt that she hasn't seen in several years and since her aunt paid for the plane ticket she asked me to finish the afghan where it was and then use any extra yarn to make a throw for her. That I was able to do so here it is finshed, washed and tied with ribbon. Sheila's is the blue and chocolate colored afghan. The other one I started for my cousin Lenny, (I posted the afghan that he's getting earlier) but as my Mom pointed out, my Aunt and Uncle commissioned it, and my Uncle Reed absolutely abhors yellow, it wasn't a good choice. I started it with those colors in an attempt to avoid ordering yarn from Joann's which takes a ridiculous amount of time for delivery, in fact my yarn spent 5 days in a city that's less than 90 miles from here, but that's a story for another day.

These cards I completed about a week ago and promised to share them with you. I am not completely happy with the Aspen one, but those corduroy brads are very big (and expensive) so I can't really replace them and I don't really want to buy another set of them. I really like the giftcard card I got the idea from Nona but adapted it so as not to use so much paper.

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Nicole said...

I LOVE your cards and of course the afghans. My kids love theirs that you made. You are definately multi-talented Les. I really like the tan and cream one.