Friday, October 24, 2008

My fish, and Louie one of my spoiled kitties

I live with my husband and mom, so I guess our pets aren't just mine, but I just have to share becuase I have to say that I enjoy how people react the first time they see our fish. Callie, is short for calico I think you can see which one she is, the other is Mister Phischer. The funny thing is that Mom bought these two about 4 years ago the were $3 specials from Wal-Mart. Hee hee hee, are you shocked yet? I live in Wyoming and a lot of people's first response to talk about "pan-fryers." Ha ha. Callie is bigger than our biggest frying pan. She's between 18 and 20 inches I think.

Louie is our big black cat, or as Zorro likes to call him our "Puma." Louie, who's full name is Louis Du Pont Du Lac, (my brother named him) is named for a character in a book. What book? Interview with a Vampire. Actually both of our cats are named after fictional book characters, Minnie, is truely Professor Minerva McGonagal. Tee hee hee, do you know what book that's from? Ahh come you can guess. I don't have any pictures today of Miss Minevere as mom likes to call her lately, she's a little shy. I will post a picture or two of her soon. Today Louie was on my lap acting like the little ham that he is, I swear sometimes I think he thinks he's a dog the way he lays!

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Nicole said...

I can attest this fish is HUGE!! It won't be long and he won't even fit in the tank or at least be able to turn around!