Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Okay here are my answers...

1. I have heard Vice President Cheneyspeak once, and President Bush (current) speak twice. I have also met former Secretary of the Army Thomas White and former Chief of Staff of the Army General Eric Shinseki.

2. I love ankle socks! (Thanks Nicole!) My feet and ankles are super sensitive and at this point in my life I can't stand long socks. The presure from the elastic is actually painful.

3. I want to return to school, I love to learn...I am terrified of going back to college...I don't know why.

4. I hate snakes!...but when I was younger I used to have recurring dream that we had a pet rattlesnake that we would let out every once and a while to raom the house...It still gives my the shudders.

5. I love washing's justa that I hate to fold them and put them away.

6. I have been to 2 Backstreet Boys concerts. I still love them. I own all of their albums released in the U.S. My brother got a pyrotechnic cap for me from a concert he worked once.

7. I daydream all the time. (It's one of my favorite passtimes.) I make up storylines and entertain myself with them a lot. Mostly, I daydream when I should be going to sleep. I have only really shared my daydreams/storylines with 2 bestfriends from college Melly and Kitty.

Okay so the rules are...

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Katie said...

Hi Leslie! I just wanted to let you know that I finally got my 7 interesting/weird facts down. Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend!