Thursday, August 28, 2008

It's me again....(Margret)

Have you ever heard of Ray Stevens? His songs are so funny I love them. I was suprised that one of my co-workers had never heard of him before. I was listening, (okay singing along to the Mississippi Squirel Revival) and he just kept giving me the wierdest look. Oh well, are you ready to be shocked? I took pictures, and I am going to load them with this post the first two are my thank you cards for a swap that I am in. The last four are from my unit meeting last Saturday. My Upline and her Upline are awesome Hi Nicole, RaNae! (waving) Silly me anyway I hope you like them. The first one I really like but I am not so sure if it isn't too simple you know what I mean? The only guidelines are layers, and some embleshiment.

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