Sunday, May 9, 2010

A few thoughts...

I was sitting here thinking, and I decided to share some random things about me. One for every year I've been blessed to be on this planet.

1. I am the oldest; child, daughter, grand-daughter

2. I love to sing

3. creativity = life

4. I am algeric to: fish especially tuna, and old-time cough syrup

5. crafts I haven't attempted: wood working, glass working/blowing, jewelry

6. current craft obsession: knitting, contemplating a return to quilting/sewing

7. favorite movies: The Beatles Help!, Mulan, Father Goose, Independence Day, and Bend it like Beckham

8. I wish I knew how to play an instrument

9. I love Zorro, my husband

10. I love to read

11. I love colored ink pens

12. me + note taking = < great

13. I want to be an author or editor when I grow up

14. socks = love <3

15. I learned to knit to make socks, mainly

16. I love to cook/ bake

17. I really loathe the dishwasher in my apartment

18. this year is a "milestone" birthday for me and hubby

19. I haven't made use of the vacumn recently

20. I love to drive

21. I am addictd to: Facebook,, Dr. Pepper, Holmes on Homes, and sushi

22. I love my Wii, even though I haven't used it recently

23. not so great at regular blogging

24. love skim milk, dislike whole milk (a lot)

25. have attended 2 Backstreet Boys concerts, hoping for a third this summer

26. been to 3 midnight release book parties

27. I own make up but rarely use it

28. I don't wear my wedding ring at home, but I feel naked without in in public

29. I would do just about anything for my friends, and family

30. 30 feels a lot like 18, so far.

Thanks for reading/visiting I know it's been a while.


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