Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Lovely Blog...

I'm not totally sure I deserved it with the way I often neglect my blog (such is life as a college student) but my Aunt Nancy got this award and passed it on to me. You should visit her blog its full of lots of recipes that one day I would like to try. Thank you very much Auntie! The "One Lovely Blog Award" isn't meant to stop in one place so here are a few of my blogger friends who I've passed it on to. Hopefully they too will pass it on! Thank you all for sharing yourselves with the world :)

With that in mind here are my lovely blog choices:

Nicole at

Nona at

Aaron at

Jena at

Erin at

Karen at

Lucy at

Mean Mommy at

I hope you enjoy some of my very favorite blogs.


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