Saturday, May 17, 2008

I am an Auntie again!

Zorran's sister Donna had a beautiful little girl this week. She is named for her Uncle Zorro. Zoryana was born with her stomach attached to her throat, or in her throat. She has already gone thru two surgeries. She is doing well, and the problems weren't as bad as they were thought to be, thankfully! Here is a picture of the little munchkin. Unfortunately we are in Wyoming and they are in New York so I don't get to spoil her and hug her and love her. But I already told Uncle Zorro that I am going to have to go buy some yarn and make this little sweetie a blankie! I will be back a again soon, this time with pictures of some cards hopefully. Leslie


kari said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful.... Glad to know that surgery was successful... I will keep her in my prayers.

Nicole said...

Oh my Les!! You never told me about her, I am so glad to hear she is ok! Keep us posted.


Vicki said...

I am praying for that beautiful baby. God Bless and protect and strengthen her.