Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ah...addictions, we all have them

Some worse than others. I have in the last couple of years developed an addiction to Hallmark christmas ornaments. I can't help it, I picked up the new 2008 catalog today and all I can do is drool they are so cute. I love Snoopy ornaments and a few others snowmen, and santa clauses' to name a few. I already have the catalog marked with what I am going to buy for me, and ones that my family members will like as well. So what is your addiction? Scrapbooking supplies, pictures, napkins, sugar packets? Leave me a note a let me know. Maybe I will send you a little card.


Amanda From: AJ's In-Sanity Center said...

My addiction??? Just one?!?!?
- Photography... I love taking photos... Hate editing, but love taking them.
- Stamps. acrylic, or rubba don't matta!
- Shopping.... I love to shop. If I've had a rotten day you can tell. The more I buy the worse my day has been. ;)
- Books... Stephenie Meyers, Lynsay Sands, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and I just recently found Kerrilyn Sparks!!! Harry Potter Series... ;) Love all their novels!

Kari said...

Right now I am addicted to Caraigs list... silly I know... but it is challenging to get the best deal!

Kari said...

That should read Craig's List...I can't spell today!