Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Twilight Movie

My mom and I went to see Twilight yesterday with several friends. It was great. We (mom and I) decided that we wanted to see it again so with a short break for dinner, and to purchase an ace bandage since I was a klutz(more on that in a second)we went back to see it again. The first time we saw it at The District in Salt Lake the second time we saw it at The Jordan Landing theater. There is a huge difference and I found myself distracted and almost bored at the second theater. They still had the air conditioner on there was less the 30 people in that showing but the air was set at like 55-60 degrees, and it was stinking cold! Also the screens are dim I was really disappointed. I now remember that it was really dim the last time I watched a movie there. There is a scene where you can see the clouds rolling in and forming, but on that screen it just looked like a pretty picture because there was no definition and the contrast was way too low.

For those of you who know me, you know that I have foot problems. Well becuase of those my right ankle is really pretty weak. In the last 4 years I have managed to fall down the stairs probably about 10 times. My ankle will just suddenly turn under (it almost seems to fold) and I will be sliding down the stairs. It's really not very fun, but it's only been bad enough for me to need crutches once, but I always need to brace my ankle for a couple of days. Last night I fell down the stairs in the movie theater before the movie even started. It was awesome, at the time the only thing that hurt was my ankle, so we just planned on stopping to get an ace bandage after the movie got out. Which we did, and I kept it wrapped up all night long. Well after we got home and I had relaxed for a while I realized that I have managed to pull something in my left leg when I fell. It just plain hurts. around my knee, in my thigh and in my hip.

Oh well, life is an adventure. Have you seen Twilight yet, did you do anything goofy while you were there? Drop me a little note and tell me what you think!

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