Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A tease or two...

So I just got to look at the new Close to My Heart Idea Book, which is active for customers May 1st, 2009. I have to say I am very excited lots of cute and fun new stamps and papers. I already have a list over $300! When I get some of my new things I will be sure to post some project pictures. There are two really great boyish papers with matching stamps that I just have to have. Good thing I have that new nephew ;) If you are currious I will say that right now it's a toss up for my favorite new paper set between Tinkering, and Animal Crackers. You'll just have to wait for my projects to see which you like best.

On Friday I am flying out to Phoenix for Project Book Babe. I am very excited. They are doing a really cool online auction as well so go over to and check it out. I will get to spend 3 days with my very best of friends from college Melly, and Kitty. I can't wait. Kitty is expecting her first munchkin in the fall and Melly has two munchkins the youngest of which I have never met. Naughty Auntie Lecy, I know. Melly's hubby is in the Air Force currently stationed in Germany so there is a good reason.

Well I am off to drool some more over the new products. Have a great night!


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