Thursday, October 7, 2010

A family recipe

So I know its been a while, I won't even attempt to offer excuses. I will however offer you a easy recipe for Sticky Buns. Its a family favorite that I remember my grandma making forever. There are no measurements in this recipe just add what looks right/good to you. Spread the nuts and in this case mini chocolate chips in the bottom of a baking dish. Add coconut: Add lots of brown sugar, and a little cinnamon with a little nutmeg, and a smidge of white or turbinado sugar: Melt at least a stick of butter (no its not really a healthy recipe) you can use more if you want and pour over sugar, nuts, and other ingredients. Sorry no picture. Add yeast roll dough(I use frozen that I have defrosted but you can also use homemade roll dough. Bake according to your yeast roll dough recipe. When they are done flip out while still hot, and enjoy.

Have a great day and enjoy! -Leslie

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