Friday, October 8, 2010

Flagstaff and the storm...

So if you haven't heard northern Arizona, specifically several communities surrounding Flagstaff got to play with some torandos on Wednesday. That's right four confimred touch downs, within a 20 mile radius of my home and college. Unfortunately they did some damage. Six people went to the hospital after a tornado threw them around in their homes. A train crashed after another tornado knocked it off its rails. Here is a picture of what the sky looked like on campus around 10am right after my American Lit class. Its not the greatest representation of the storm as the dark and dangerous storm clouds were behind me. I was attempting to take a good shot for my photography class, I'm not sure I suceeded but I turned it in for assignment tonight anyway.

This is what the sky looked like this evening a day after the storm, as I left my photography class. I took the shot outside, but the view was better inside. I am now thinking that I shouldn't have worried about taking the shot from indoors and gone for it. Oh well would of, should of, could of. After the storm. It was a beautiful day today, which made me think of the world being washed clean.

Peace be with you. -Leslie

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